Hello Ingrid

Ingrid, the delivery experience platform.
Reshaping the world of e-commerce.

Blq (building legacy quota) invests 12,25 M SEK in delivery experience platform Ingrid. Founded in Stockholm 2015 with the idea of improving e-commerce deliveries, Ingrid is a platform for merchants that want to increase their margins and offer consumers smarter deliveries, all in one go. Today Ingrid handles 10% of the Swedish e-com market and continually expanding in new markets together with the customers.

By aggregating the delivery options best suited for every individual order during checkout, consumers are guaranteed a better delivery experience. Simplifying the purchase process improves conversion and builds loyalty for merchants. 

Shopping online should be as simple and convenient as traditional retail used to be. Ingrid is eliminating consumer anxiety one purchase at a time, leading the way to the best delivery experiences. 

With a strong B2B2C focus, Ingrid has created a platform that will transform the way we view e-commerce today. Ingrid is Swedish engineering at its best.

The technology is, to say the least, validated by the market when 10 percent of the packages on the Swedish e-commerce market delivers through Ingrid’s platform. Ingrid is ready to scale globally with sales and marketing.

Welcome to the blq family!

CEO: Piotr Zaleski
Founders: Piotr Zaleski
E-commerce clients: 20+ including Adlibris, Babyshop, iDeal of Sweden & NA-KD
#Countries: Available in over 20 markets, handling order from consumers in 107 countries
Team: 30

100 days of building legacy

Today, it has been 100 days since we launched blq invest on blq Friday 2019. Since then, we have made our first investment and soon we will have more news to share. But first we would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company building approach. 

We are not an ordinary investor. We are company builders. You will probably find better financial investors in the investor ecosystem, but we aim at becoming the best company builder. We provide both capital and operational competence. We view ourselves as a catalyst for growth and innovation, and want to act as a bridge between angles investors and venture capital in the valley of death. 

Boards meetings? Yes, but also weekly workstreams check-ins. We want to build the companies together with the founders. Our systematic approach and niche expertise in analytics, go-to-market and storytelling helps our investments become bankable companies. 

What companies are we looking at then? Our investment focus is tech companies with a proven commercial model. We like stickiness and recurring revenue and enjoy B2B. We love a unique niche. We have a soft spot for active founders that are large shareholders. Sounds like a match? You are welcome to send your pitch deck to info@blqinvest.com

Thank you for following us on the first 100 days.