Ingrid are building delivery experience solutions in the shopping part of the e-commerce industry. We asked Piotr Zaleski, e-commerce guru and founder of Ingrid about the three main delivery experience trends of 2021. Zaleski is highlighting a big shift that is happening right now, where we are moving into the ‘delivery-first’ society.

The delivery first society is much about Convenience and Knowing your customer. Knowing exactly when they want their online orders delivered means that you need to cope with data. You have to store a lot of data, understand the data and present the delivery options out there on a global market. Ingrid has built a platform for that by helping merchants deal with this, both on a local level and on a global level.

Three trends

The three big trends that Ingrid is seeing in the market right now are:

First: pricing. Delivery is going from something that traditionally has been free of charge into an area where deliveries are going to be priced differently. Hence, there is going to be a range of delivery options at different prices which allows the merchants to actually make some money on deliveries. That has not been the case for many years.

Second: parallel shopping. Now that Covid-19 has been around for a year a lot of consumers that have not mainly shopped online before are now shopping things in parallel. Their behaviour is very different now. Shopping in parallel means that there is a need for coordinating the shopping experience across many merchant orders and across for example checkout. When shopping online at one merchant and then moving to another the consumer actually expects these merchants to understand how their life pattern is affected by these deliveries. This co-delivery component we are seeing is going to become huge in the next few years. Merchants have to collaborate with each other by combining deliveries, tracking delivery experiences et.c.

Third: delivery first. Deliveries were traditionally something that was a part of the checkout process. Basically something you came to at the end of the consumer journey. A lot of consumers are actually shopping by the delivery experience. They want to understand which products and which merchants actually offer the best delivery option before they shop.

When we are moving into the delivery first society merchants need to rethink their delivery experience to match their customers needs. That is what Ingrid is trying to help them solve.