On year and counting with video meetings, webinars, town halls and digital communication…As we are (hopefully very soon) approaching the new normal, we asked Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel, about the 3 main trends that will dominate video communication going forward.

He highlighted three trends:

1. Interaction and engagement
Engage with your audience to get your message across. Let them interact via chat, polling and other ways to really get your message across.

2. Security
Own your data. Know which cloud or have your own cloud where you store the data and that also goes for video data. You need a place where you can manage it, share it and control it.

3. Quality
With the zoom fatigue and sitting in back to back video meetings and watching webinars and webcasts all day we can see that the quality of the audio and video is key to really get the message across to the audience in your video communication. So, do use a studio and do use high quality solutions.

And last but not least work from anywhere is an approach that we are seeing globally right now and we want to let you know that in April Quickchannel is re launching “stream from anywhere…”.