blq Friday

Black Friday is becoming blq We launched blq invest on blq Friday. Friday. Founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi presented building legacy quota to friends of blq invest. Thank you all for coming and thanks Alma for hosting us.

We are proud to have SEB as one of the investors in blq invest. Here together with Stefan Stignäs, head of corporate market at SEB. Read the full interview about the partnership here.

Meet the team


Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner
Kamjar is the founder of blq invest. He wants to create a new way of investing. As a serial entrepreneur, Kamjar knows what it is like to work in a founder’s shoes. Before starting his own fund Kamjar built Serendipity’s M&A team and most recently was the CEO of Serendipity. He is enthusiastic about his two kids, padel and falafel (Malmö startups are always interesting).


Bodil Sidén, partner
From Örnsköldsvik. Ex. Uber. Prior to blq Invest Bodil worked with Nordic tech companies’ storytelling at Bellbird. Bodil has an extensive background in politics as a political advisor Reinfeldt gov #2 and member of the national party board. Always looking for the next trend (and taco).


Erik Halvord, partner
Originally from Gothenburg, Erik worked with Serendipity’s M&A team prior to joining blq Invest. He holds a MsC in Industrial Management and Engineering from KTH, Stockholm. Outside of work, Erik spends his spare time playing football, skiing, and traveling (ideally combining the last two options).

Introducing blq invest

Our mission is to build legacy


Blq invest – Building Legacy Quota – will be investing in early-stage start-ups, based in Stockholm, Sweden. By investing in companies with an underlying profitability and listen to consumers blq invest wants to build legacy. We are passionated about how new technology create new trends in society and are always looking for the trend within the trend, says founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi. 

– Our mission is to build legacy. We want to create something lasting, long after we are gone. We are investing in early stage companies, refining methodically with profitable companies as a result. That’s our legacy, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi.

Blq invest will be rasing 200MSEK and invest 10-30 million SEK in 10-15 early-stage start-ups. Among the investors are for example SEB, Lena Apler, Lars Backsell and Noel Abdayem. Focus is to build the companies together with the entrepreneur and invest locally but think globally. 

– We are company builders, focusing on tech and innovation. We want to be a catalyzer for growth. Our craftsmanship spells competence, market and innovation. Through ideas, skills and methodology we want to make our investments full-fledged, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi.

Blq invest is founded by Kamjar Hajabdolahi and the team consist of the partners Kamjar Hajabdolahi, Bodil Sidén and Erik Halvord.