Hello Quickchannel

New investment: Quickchannel

Blq invests 6,75 MSEK in streaming tech company Quickchannel. Quickchannel’s ambition is to facilitate digital collaboration and become the leading streaming provider globally.

Quickchannel helps their customers collaborate and communicate globally. The company quickly became leading within streaming of city council meetings and quickly helped some of the biggest public clients in Sweden such as Telia, Office Management and Skanska. Today Quickchannel is a full fledged SaaS company with over 150 clients in 9 markets and steady growth in public and private clients.

Quickchannel’s vision is to help our customers save time, money and work for a greener planet through streamed video. Webinars and live streamed meetings and events are now happening through our technology and we want to help organisations through video whenever, wherever.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Quickchannel has seen over 700 percent growth in their service, since organisations need to readjust into digital workplaces. Covid-19 has forced us all to adapt digitally incredibly quickly. CEO town halls, events and distance learning have all been popular among Quickchannel’s clients for a long time, but during Covid-19 new applications such as press conferences, virtual board meetings and distance training through gyms have become just as popular.

This spring has forced us to change our behaviour and we believe we will see a pre and post Covid effect in digital collaboration and communication.

Welcome to the blq family!

Quarterly letter


We launched blq invest in November 2019 with the idea of sourcing and building companies with a systematic approach. We aim at becoming the best company builders in the valley of death. Our systematic approach and niche expertise in scale, storytelling, stickiness and team make our investments become bankable companies. We call this the blq box.

This is our first quarterly report and needless to say the first quarter has been extraordinary. Based on our sourcing, current pipeline and our portfolio companies, I would like to share some of the key insights we have gained during this period.

– Companies with vulnerable business models and heavy balance sheets will find it hard to allocate additional capital from investors and might not therefore survive this downturn.
– Pre-revenue companies that are in the beginning of their journey and have not been able to iterate with the market, will most likely struggle, and rely on “family, friends or fools” to save them.
– Valuations for early stage scaleups have decreased, with estimates ranging from a 25-40% drop.
– Horizontal SaaS-scaleups, which sell to companies in a wide range of sectors, have experienced a relatively lower drop in growth so far.
– SaaS is in its nature a resilient business model for downturns, thanks to the power of recurring revenue.

Coming back to blq invest our investment focus has always been B2B SaaS-scaleups, providing business critical products and services within clear niches, and this has not changed due to covid-19. Quite the opposite, we feel empowered that it is the right focus ahead.

Ingrid and Cinode, our two portfolio companies, have both been affected mildly and are still growing at a steady pace. Both companies are well-positioned with business critical offerings, providing a solid base from which to tackle the ensuing challenges. Cinode’s focus on competence is proving crucial, as companies are forcing to adapt and reposition their offerings, while Ingrid’s delivery experience platform allows e-commerce companies to meet sharply increasing demand as e-commerce soars.

The epidemic has brought a broad change in behavior, enforcing new digital trends. We don’t know in what form (V, U, W or L) the world will recover, it will depend on second waves of infections, further lockdowns, fiscal policies and monetary policies. But I strongly believe that blq invest, that is in the beginning of its lifecycle, have a very good position with its current portfolio and future investment opportunities.

Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner blq invest

Hello Ingrid

Ingrid, the delivery experience platform.
Reshaping the world of e-commerce.

Blq (building legacy quota) invests 12,25 M SEK in delivery experience platform Ingrid. Founded in Stockholm 2015 with the idea of improving e-commerce deliveries, Ingrid is a platform for merchants that want to increase their margins and offer consumers smarter deliveries, all in one go. Today Ingrid handles 10% of the Swedish e-com market and continually expanding in new markets together with the customers.

By aggregating the delivery options best suited for every individual order during checkout, consumers are guaranteed a better delivery experience. Simplifying the purchase process improves conversion and builds loyalty for merchants. 

Shopping online should be as simple and convenient as traditional retail used to be. Ingrid is eliminating consumer anxiety one purchase at a time, leading the way to the best delivery experiences. 

With a strong B2B2C focus, Ingrid has created a platform that will transform the way we view e-commerce today. Ingrid is Swedish engineering at its best.

The technology is, to say the least, validated by the market when 10 percent of the packages on the Swedish e-commerce market delivers through Ingrid’s platform. Ingrid is ready to scale globally with sales and marketing.

Welcome to the blq family!

CEO: Piotr Zaleski
Founders: Piotr Zaleski
E-commerce clients: 20+ including Adlibris, Babyshop, iDeal of Sweden & NA-KD
#Countries: Available in over 20 markets, handling order from consumers in 107 countries
Team: 30

100 days of building legacy

Today, it has been 100 days since we launched blq invest on blq Friday 2019. Since then, we have made our first investment and soon we will have more news to share. But first we would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company building approach. 

We are not an ordinary investor. We are company builders. You will probably find better financial investors in the investor ecosystem, but we aim at becoming the best company builder. We provide both capital and operational competence. We view ourselves as a catalyst for growth and innovation, and want to act as a bridge between angles investors and venture capital in the valley of death. 

Boards meetings? Yes, but also weekly workstreams check-ins. We want to build the companies together with the founders. Our systematic approach and niche expertise in analytics, go-to-market and storytelling helps our investments become bankable companies. 

What companies are we looking at then? Our investment focus is tech companies with a proven commercial model. We like stickiness and recurring revenue and enjoy B2B. We love a unique niche. We have a soft spot for active founders that are large shareholders. Sounds like a match? You are welcome to send your pitch deck to info@blqinvest.com

Thank you for following us on the first 100 days.

Hello Cinode

CINODE – competence inventory tools that work

Say hello to blq invest’s first investment: Cinode. Blq invests €2,1M in the competence-tech company to speed up the Swedish market, scale to new markets and reach new segments of clients. 

Cinode helps competence companies become more successful. To act faster on business opportunities, deliveries, and management of competencies. Skills are made available and consultants are professionally presented. Assignments, matching, and utilization planning is made easier. Lead times are reduced and engagement among consultants is strengthened. With Cinode.

Work, work, work. Digitalisation, specialisation and the gig-economy are transforming competence intensive industries with new ways of working. Through Cinode’s human technology we can make a traditional industry more efficient, more effective and make new work, work. 

We are a good match. Blq is not a traditional investor and Cinode is not an ordinary company. Cinode is the perfect example of tech as an enabler for growth. With a strong growth, and impressive client base and a good position on the market Cinode has impressed us. We love the scalability and the strong business model and are looking forward to accelerate it even further.

Welcome to the blq family!

CEO: Anders Hagberg
Founders: Mattias Loxi, Mikael Tell and Daniel Glendor
Annual growth: 40-50 percent
Markets: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany 
Team: 20

Aiming for the valley of death

Blq invest will be investing in early-stage tech companies after angle investors, before vc:s. Blq invest is featured in Breakit.

Blq invest will be investing in early-stage tech companies after angle investors, before vc:s. Blq invest is featured in Breakit.

– Our mission is to build legacy. We want to create something lasting, long after we are gone. We are investing in early stage companies, refining methodically with profitable companies as a result. That is our legacy, says founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi. 

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