Are you the next member of our blq family? READ MORE

Are you the next member of our blq family?

Are you the next member of our blq family? We are looking for an experienced Company Builder to join us!

Say hello to Sofia! READ MORE

Say hello to Sofia!

We are happy to introduce a new team member at blq Invest – Sofia Björklund, our Coordinator. Sofia will be an important part of building our own company structure while expanding our company to a bigger scale.

Blq box – Team READ MORE

Blq box – Team

The 4th box within our Blq Box approach to how we hands-on work with our portfolio companies is Team. Team can on the surface sound like it’s pretty straightforward - have great people in place and then you’re done. But for us, Team includes so much more. It is the compass, the engine, and the steering of the company, on top of the great people.

Blq box – Stickiness READ MORE

Blq box – Stickiness

The 3rd box within our blq box approach to company building is stickiness. We firmly believe that building solid, successful companies can be done systematically, even at an early stage. The blq box is our secret sauce, our way of doing this - supporting entrepreneurs through a data-driven approach, to create stickiness.

Blq box – Storytelling READ MORE

Blq box – Storytelling

The 2nd box within our blq box approach to how we hands-on work with our portfolio companies is Storytelling. Too many tech companies think about their Storytelling too late. Most scaleups consider Storytelling either a necessary evil or an unaffordable luxury. We believe it is a critical key to success.

Blq box – Scale READ MORE

Blq box – Scale

The 2nd box within our blq box approach to how we work hands-on with our portfolio companies is Scale. Go-to-market strategies, growth hacking and solidifying niche positions are key areas of organisational support for us. All at the while driving underlying profitability through clear value propositions.

What you can expect when meet with us READ MORE

What you can expect when meet with us

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a company building partner? Hear our founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi on what you can expect when you come pitching for us.

Quarterly letter Q1 2021 READ MORE

Quarterly letter Q1 2021

We kicked off the first quarter of 2021 by investing in our fourth portfolio company, Collegial. The pandemic has forced all value-chains to enhance their digital approach and one of the effects is that public and private entities have up-skilling and reskilling challenges within their organisations. Collegial provides a learning experience platform (already 15k+ users) that addresses these challenges head on.

3 Delivery Experience trends – Ingrid READ MORE

3 Delivery Experience trends – Ingrid

Ingrid are building delivery experience solutions in the shopping part of the e-commerce industry. We asked Piotr Zaleski, e-commerce guru and founder of Ingrid about the three main delivery experience trends of 2021. Zaleski is highlighting a big shift that is happening right now, where we are moving into the ‘delivery-first’ society.

Hello FindOut Diagnostic READ MORE

Hello FindOut Diagnostic

Blq leads a round of SEK 7,5 M in the HealthTech company FindOut Diagnostic to launch their unique FindOut CRP Test during the autumn, which rapidly and safely measures infection levels in the body. With the novel self test on the market, we will be able to seriously connect digital and physical care, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner blq invest.

3 Corporate Learning trends – Collegial READ MORE

3 Corporate Learning trends – Collegial

Curious about building a learning culture? We asked Ronald Bernette, founder and CEO of Collegial about the three major trends within Corporate Learning.

3 trends within streaming – Quickchannel READ MORE

3 trends within streaming – Quickchannel

On year and counting with video meetings, webinars, town halls and digital communication...As we are (hopefully very soon) approaching the new normal, we asked Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel, about the 3 main trends that will dominate video communication going forward.

3 skills management trends – Cinode READ MORE

3 skills management trends – Cinode

We have asked one of our portfolio company Cinode about Skills Management. The key to success lies within your skill supply. Finding the right skills in a quick and efficient way increases the chance of attracting more business opportunities.

Follow-ons: Ingrid and Quickchannel READ MORE

Follow-ons: Ingrid and Quickchannel

After a year of strong growth, blq invest is increasing its investment in the portfolio companies Ingrid by SEK 12.25 million and Quickchannel by SEK 4 million. Blq invested in the delivery experience platform Ingrid in March 2020 and the streaming platform Quickchannel in July 2020. Since then, the companies have grown rapidly.

Quarterly letter Q4 READ MORE

Quarterly letter Q4

"The last quarter has proven to be fruitful for us. Both in terms of deal flow and performance by our portfolio companies. Entering 2021 is a bit brighter than 2020. During the pandemic, our portfolio companies have all been part of digitising their respective industries, helping their customers transition into a new way of working." Read Kamjar Hajabdolahi's Q4 letter.

Hello Collegial READ MORE

Hello Collegial

Blq (building legacy quota) leads an investment of 19,2 million SEK in a first tranche together with JCE in the edtech company Collegial. Collegial’s vision is to become number one globally within corporate learning.

Karin Bjerde joins blq Invest READ MORE

Karin Bjerde joins blq Invest

We are happy to introduce the fourth team member of Blq Invest - Karin Bjerde, our Company Builder! Put simply, Karin will be overall responsible for assisting our portfolio companies transition from startups to scaleups. Having spent her previous 4+ years at a Swedish SaaS startup turned scaleup, Kognity, she’s lived through this transition and will now use her experience and knowledge to guide our companies operationally.

blq Friday 2020 READ MORE

blq Friday 2020

It has been one year since we launched blq invest on blq Friday 2019. Blq Friday 2019 was filled with hope and joy. Few would have guessed that the world would soon face one of the greatest challenges with Covid-19. Looking back today, we are happy to announce that we have closed our first fund and we are optimistic about the future. Now when we could not meet in person, we wanted to give you a glimt of our investments and the ones coming - this is how the future will be shaped by blq. Watch it here:

The blq box READ MORE

The blq box

We wanted to share some ingredients in our secret sauce with you. A sauce we call the blq box. We firmly believe that building solid, successful companies can be done systematically, even at an early stage. The blq box is our way of doing this.

Quarterly letter Q3 READ MORE

Quarterly letter Q3

"Our pipeline is strong, and we are confident that we will by the end of the year have several tangible investment opportunities in front of us. Alongside our work with the portfolio companies and our pipeline during this quarter, we have also done the final closing of blq 1. This work has now led to that we have final commitments at 200 000 000 SEK." Read Kamjar Hajabdolahi's third quarterly letter.

Quarterly letter Q2 READ MORE

Quarterly letter Q2

"Our pipeline remains strong and during the second quarter we have met several companies that fit our investment criteria, that have also proven a steady growth during the first six months. One of them is our third investment Quickchannel AB (streaming and collaboration software)." Read Kamjar Hajabdolahi's second quarterly letter.

Hello Quickchannel READ MORE

Hello Quickchannel

Blq invests 6,75 MSEK in streaming tech company Quickchannel. Quickchannel’s ambition is to facilitate digital collaboration and become the leading streaming provider globally.

Quarterly letter Q1 READ MORE

Quarterly letter Q1

"We launched blq invest in November 2019 with the idea of sourcing and building companies with a systematic approach. We aim at becoming the best company builders in the valley of death. This is our first quarterly report and needless to say the first quarter has been extraordinary."  Read our first quarterly letter here.

Hello Ingrid READ MORE

Hello Ingrid

Blq (building legacy quota) invests 12,25 M SEK in delivery experience platform Ingrid. Founded in Stockholm 2015 with the idea of improving e-commerce deliveries, Ingrid is a platform for merchants that want to increase their margins and offer consumers smarter deliveries, all in one go. Today Ingrid handles 10% of the Swedish e-com market and continually expanding in new markets together with the customers.

100 days of building legacy READ MORE

100 days of building legacy

Today, it has been 100 days since we launched blq invest on blq Friday 2019. Since then, we have made our first investment and soon we will have more news to share. But first we would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company building approach. 

Hello Cinode READ MORE

Hello Cinode

Say hello to blq invest’s first investment: Cinode. Blq invests €2,1M in the competence-tech company to speed up the Swedish market, scale to new markets and reach new segments of clients. 

blq Friday READ MORE

blq Friday

Black Friday is becoming blq Friday. We launched blq invest on blq Friday. Our founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi presented building legacy quota to friends of blq invest. Thank you all for coming and thanks Alma for hosting us.

SEB and Lena Apler backing blq invest READ MORE

SEB and Lena Apler backing blq invest

Blq invest is investing 200MSEK in early-stage start-ups. SEB, Lena Apler, Lars Backsell and Noel Abdayem are some of the investors. Blq invest is featured in Dagens Industri.

Aiming for the valley of death READ MORE

Aiming for the valley of death

Blq invest will be investing in early-stage tech companies after angle investors, before vc:s. Blq invest is featured in Breakit.

Meet the team READ MORE

Meet the team

Nice to meet you! We are blq invest and would like to introduce ourselves.

Introducing blq invest READ MORE

Introducing blq invest

We are blq invest. Blq invest - Building Legacy Quota - will be investing in early-stage start-ups, based in Stockholm, Sweden. By investing in companies with an underlying profitability and listen to consumers blq invest wants to build legacy.