The 3rd box within our blq box approach to company building is stickiness. We firmly believe that building solid, successful companies can be done systematically, even at an early stage. The blq box is our secret sauce, our way of doing this – supporting entrepreneurs through a data-driven approach, to create stickiness.

Now the thing is: stickiness is hard. Creating products and services that your customers want to buy is step one. But then what?

We help our companies move from nice to have via need to have to be absolutely business critical. This entails transitioning from MRR to ARR, iterating on pricing strategies, achieving negative churn and iterating with the market to find our best place in the value chain.

Recurring customers
The best customers a company has are the already existing ones. Let them help you iterate with your market, delivering the best possible value that you can to drive stickiness. Customer driven product development is a gift that keeps on giving.

Flywheel approach to growth
Understanding the usage of your product is key to understanding leading indicators to churn and what value you are actually delivering. We want you to hold your customer’s hand through the customer journey including a smooth onboarding process, a thought through customer success strategy and selling based on customer value to create a flywheel approach.

Using data to make better decisions
For all this data is key. We are passionate about not only measuring reactively but understanding underlying patterns to make better decisions for the future.

For us, stickiness is relying on a joint plan on how to successfully grow is devised together with the entrepreneurs, allowing for a unified view on what actions and strategies are to be prioritised. During our time together, we support operationally to execute on this plan to drive stickiness.