The 2nd box within our blq box approach to how we hands-on work with our portfolio companies is Storytelling. Too many tech companies think about their Storytelling too late. Most scaleups consider Storytelling either a necessary evil or an unaffordable luxury. We believe it is a critical key to success.

There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story

Nothing beats a good story. Every company needs to put time and effort into writing their own story. A well written story creates relevance and reason to speak. Every company that aims for thought-leadership should elaborate on their why and try to stand for something positive in the world.

Earn > bought
Storytelling is a core business of company building today. The power of storytelling is illustrated not the least by Jeff Bezos famous method of requiring teams to create the future press release before launching a new product, to make sure everything they did was speaking to the bigger public. And tech giants such as Tesla have not spent a single penny on bought marketing, the same goes for the Swedish Northvolt. Earned attention is credible, trustworthy and cheaper than bought. Come and listen instead of come and buy.

“To use a friend you need to have made one first.” is something one of our team members Bodil Sidén learned from Rachel Whetstone, VP of policy/comms at Uber, previously at Facebook and Google, now at Netflix. You need to invest in your relationship in order for them to flourish. The number of stakeholders and channels are constantly increasing. Not just towards customers, but suppliers, distributors and the overall market. Not to mention future investors and employees. People always beat products and make sure to cherish your relationships.

SaaS Storytelling
While at the same time navigating a content machine, filling own channels with interesting content. SaaS is software as a service. Hence, not only software but also providing a service. To communicate that value proposition and offer a full brand experience is essential to SaaS marketing. Effective marketing fills the brand with emotions.

blq box
Effective storytelling takes hard work and consistency. We help our companies write their own story through everything from value proposition, positioning, and brand identity to relationship building, spokesperson strategies and smart activities to make the best out of your brand. As a part of the blq box blq invest will support its portfolio companies with storytelling to build a bankable brand towards next investors, stakeholders and most importantly: the consumers.