It has been one year since we launched blq invest on blq Friday 2019. Blq Friday 2019 was filled with hope and joy. Few would have guessed that the world would soon face one of the greatest challenges with Covid-19. Looking back today, we are happy to announce that we have closed our first fund and we are optimistic about the future. Now when we could not meet in person, we wanted to give you a glimt of our investments and the ones coming – this is how the future will be shaped by blq.

Watch it here:

We are excited about the future. Our future will not be shaped by unicorns. Because the investments we are making today will shape the society of tomorrow. We are looking for the trend beyond the trend. Since we started we have invested in three companies.

Cinode. The skills management platform. Digital transformation is not only a trend, it is a crucial component to enable Sweden and its companies to succeed going forward. Identifying, sustaining, and growing competence is business critical for Swedish competitiveness. Which is why we are sure that Competence tech will shape the future of work. Where the whole globe is an office and skills are matched in real time. Through Cinode’s human technology, traditional industries can become more efficient and effective and make new ways of working, work.

Ingrid, the delivery experience platform. There is a before and after Ingrid. There is one remaining challenge in e-commerce: a fantastic delivery experience. The average consumer is going from one order per week to large weekly volumes from various merchants. The end consumer will demand faster and more flexible deliveries. While more shipping options are introduced, the delivery experience becomes central. Ingrid is solving this last remaining challenge.

Quickchannel makes your streams come true. As we live and work digitally, the requirements of a smooth communications infrastructure follows. Streaming is integrated in our personal lives. But B2B requires high safety and functionality standards, especially during Covid-19. With Quickchannel, CEO town halls, webinars and recordings become easy. Through escalated digital adaptation, new applications such as distance learning, training and press conferences are easy.