Follow-on investment

After a year of rapid growth, blq invest is increasing its investment in the portfolio companies Ingrid by SEK 12.25 million and Quickchannel by SEK 4 million. Blq invested in the delivery experience platform Ingrid in March 2020 and the streaming platform Quickchannel in July 2020. Since then, the companies have grown strongly.

Both investments were made during the time when the world was marked by a pandemic. During the pandemic, organizations have been forced to switch to digital collaboration and hold meetings, webinars and town halls with Quickchannel. Together with their customers, Quickchannel has completed over 40 million minutes of watched streams during 2020. Quickchannel has signed 51 new customers and have shown a growth of +135 percent new users and 290 percent streaming growth.

Furthermore, e-commerce has gained momentum when we can not shop in physical retail in the same way as before. Ingrid has doubled its customer base with customers such as Åhlens, Footway and ICA. In the past year, they have handled close to 20M orders with as many as 2,217M orders for January alone (94 percent increase from January last year).

– Blq invest closed its first fund last fall and we are happy to have found such fine companies in Cinode, Ingrid, Quickchannel and Collegial. We are a challenger in the investor market who strongly believes in an active approach which we call the blq box, where we build the companies systematically together with the entrepreneurs. It is fun to see our approach work in practice, says Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner of blq invest.