Karin Bjerde joins blq Invest

Hey Karin!

We are happy to introduce the fourth team member of Blq Invest – Karin Bjerde, our Company Builder! Put simply, Karin will be overall responsible for assisting our portfolio companies transition from startups to scaleups. Having spent her previous 4+ years at a Swedish SaaS startup turned scaleup, Kognity, she’s lived through this transition and will now use her experience and knowledge to guide our companies operationally.

Not an ordinary investor
What makes blq Invest different is that we are not simply an investor – we are company builders! Our expertise is to help our portfolio companies go from start-ups to scale-ups. Through our blq Box approach, we help our companies identify what needs to be done within 4 key areas – scale, stickiness, storytelling, and team – and then work side-by-side with them to bring these changes into reality. Strong execution is the motto we live by.

What is a company builder?
This blq Box process is what Karin as a company builder will be responsible for. Karin works with the founders and management of the companies on a weekly basis to ensure they are taking the right steps to scale their business. This can for instance be setting a clear company strategy, company steering to ensure the entire team is pulling in the same direction, improving the commercial functions based on best practices within SaaS, and identifying and executing on recruitment needs.

What is Karin’s motivation?
Put simply, she loves connecting the dots between the top-down big picture trends, and the bottom-up execution of those trends. Further, she also believes Sweden (where we have our HQ) has a unique opportunity to take a leading role globally through its values, entrepreneurial ecosystem thanks to companies like Spotify, Skype, and Klarna, and societal structure enabling entrepreneurship. Nurturing Sweden’s ecosystem of start-ups alongside governments, academia, and large corporations can position Sweden at the forefront of global development, we just have to ensure that we provide all the right pathways to deliver on that opportunity.

Many times, grand plans and visions fail due to execution. Under Karin and the rest of the blq team’s guidance, blq Invest’s portfolio companies will hopefully navigate the tricky path from startup to scaleup in a grander fashion.

Quarterly letter Q3

Dear blq family,

During the third quarter of the year many countries had eased their covid-19 restrictions. For the ecosystem of startups and scaleups this led to a higher business activity. Many of our portfolio companies’ customers are comfortable making business decisions with a long-term effect, such as investing in business-critical SaaS products.

We are pleased to see that our blq box approach with our companies is creating positive output and all three companies are as expected in a growth phase.

Our pipeline is strong, and we are confident that we will by the end of the year have several tangible investment opportunities in front of us. Alongside our work with the portfolio companies and our pipeline during this quarter, we have also done the final closing of blq 1. This work has now led to that we have final commitments at 200 000 000 SEK.

At the end of the third quarter signs of increased infection levels in various countries appeared, which has led to once again necessary increased restrictions. Whether it will be at the same levels as we have seen in the spring and summer, it is still too early to say. For blq and our portfolio companies, we listen carefully to what the market is saying, and for now it is clear that our digital business critical offerings are here to stay.

Kamjar Hajabdolahi Founding partner

Quarterly letter Q2

Dear blq family,

As mentioned in our first quarterly report, we have since the outbreak of covid-19 worked closely with our portfolio companies to evaluate the financial and operational impact of the pandemic. Six months have passed and both Ingrid and Cinode have proven to be business critical for their customers and have therefore continued to grow. We still don’t know how and when the world will get back to “normal”, but we remain certain that our investment scope and the current trends we are looking at, are here for the long run.

We believe that at the end of the day execution is everything, and as such have put a lot of effort in introducing our operational approach toward our portfolio companies. We call this, the blq box. The companies that we have – and will invest in, all have a strong technical platform, it is more within the commercial field, where we are able to apply additional brainpower. Therefore the blq box contains four blocks within, Scale, Storytelling, Stickiness and Team. This will make our companies “bankable” towards other investors and their ticket out of the valley of death.

For Ingrid, the focus for the blq box during Q2 has been commercialisation. We have supported operationally to set up a commercial team working closely together with sales, marketing and customer success. The ambition is to create an organisation for scale and we have together with the Ingrid team ramped up the company for success with necessary infrastructure, team members and company management. This is reflected in a large increase in the number of packages during the quarter.

For Cinode, the focus has been to become a full-on SaaS business. During Q2 Cinode has landed impressive deals with both SEMCON and Telia. The company has also launched Cinode Partner Network, one step to becoming a full competence marketplace for companies, projects and giggers to connect with each other.

Our pipeline remains strong and during the second quarter we have met several companies that fit our investment criteria, that have also proven a steady growth during the first six months. One of them is our third investment Quickchannel AB (streaming and collaboration software). Quickchannel saw an increase in traction during the quarter, with +253% increase in leads, +642% increase in the platform and a +40% pipeline growth.

We are seeing interesting trends for the global economy, the stock markets are doing well, the EU has agreed on a corona fund and many markets have made necessary adaptations due to the pandemic. Many of the adaptations are enforcing a digital approach instead of the analog one, this is in favor for blq invest and I am therefore mildly optimistic of what the future has to offer.

Kamjar Hajabdolahi Founding partner

Hello Quickchannel

New investment: Quickchannel

Blq invests 6,75 MSEK in streaming tech company Quickchannel. Quickchannel’s ambition is to facilitate digital collaboration and become the leading streaming provider globally.

Quickchannel helps their customers collaborate and communicate globally. The company quickly became leading within streaming of city council meetings and quickly helped some of the biggest public clients in Sweden such as Telia, Office Management and Skanska. Today Quickchannel is a full fledged SaaS company with over 150 clients in 9 markets and steady growth in public and private clients.

Quickchannel’s vision is to help our customers save time, money and work for a greener planet through streamed video. Webinars and live streamed meetings and events are now happening through our technology and we want to help organisations through video whenever, wherever.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Quickchannel has seen over 700 percent growth in their service, since organisations need to readjust into digital workplaces. Covid-19 has forced us all to adapt digitally incredibly quickly. CEO town halls, events and distance learning have all been popular among Quickchannel’s clients for a long time, but during Covid-19 new applications such as press conferences, virtual board meetings and distance training through gyms have become just as popular.

This spring has forced us to change our behaviour and we believe we will see a pre and post Covid effect in digital collaboration and communication.

Welcome to the blq family!

Hello Ingrid

Ingrid, the delivery experience platform.
Reshaping the world of e-commerce.

Blq (building legacy quota) invests 12,25 M SEK in delivery experience platform Ingrid. Founded in Stockholm 2015 with the idea of improving e-commerce deliveries, Ingrid is a platform for merchants that want to increase their margins and offer consumers smarter deliveries, all in one go. Today Ingrid handles 10% of the Swedish e-com market and continually expanding in new markets together with the customers.

By aggregating the delivery options best suited for every individual order during checkout, consumers are guaranteed a better delivery experience. Simplifying the purchase process improves conversion and builds loyalty for merchants. 

Shopping online should be as simple and convenient as traditional retail used to be. Ingrid is eliminating consumer anxiety one purchase at a time, leading the way to the best delivery experiences. 

With a strong B2B2C focus, Ingrid has created a platform that will transform the way we view e-commerce today. Ingrid is Swedish engineering at its best.

The technology is, to say the least, validated by the market when 10 percent of the packages on the Swedish e-commerce market delivers through Ingrid’s platform. Ingrid is ready to scale globally with sales and marketing.

Welcome to the blq family!

CEO: Piotr Zaleski
Founders: Piotr Zaleski
E-commerce clients: 20+ including Adlibris, Babyshop, iDeal of Sweden & NA-KD
#Countries: Available in over 20 markets, handling order from consumers in 107 countries
Team: 30

blq Friday

Black Friday is becoming blq We launched blq invest on blq Friday. Friday. Founding partner Kamjar Hajabdolahi presented building legacy quota to friends of blq invest. Thank you all for coming and thanks Alma for hosting us.

We are proud to have SEB as one of the investors in blq invest. Here together with Stefan Stignäs, head of corporate market at SEB. Read the full interview about the partnership here.