CINODE – competence inventory tools that work

Say hello to blq invest’s first investment: Cinode. Blq invests €2,1M in the competence-tech company to speed up the Swedish market, scale to new markets and reach new segments of clients. 

Cinode helps competence companies become more successful. To act faster on business opportunities, deliveries, and management of competencies. Skills are made available and consultants are professionally presented. Assignments, matching, and utilization planning is made easier. Lead times are reduced and engagement among consultants is strengthened. With Cinode.

Work, work, work. Digitalisation, specialisation and the gig-economy are transforming competence intensive industries with new ways of working. Through Cinode’s human technology we can make a traditional industry more efficient, more effective and make new work, work. 

We are a good match. Blq is not a traditional investor and Cinode is not an ordinary company. Cinode is the perfect example of tech as an enabler for growth. With a strong growth, and impressive client base and a good position on the market Cinode has impressed us. We love the scalability and the strong business model and are looking forward to accelerate it even further.

Welcome to the blq family!

CEO: Anders Hagberg
Founders: Mattias Loxi, Mikael Tell and Daniel Glendor
Annual growth: 40-50 percent
Markets: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany 
Team: 20