Dear blq family,

The last quarter has proven to be fruitful for us. Both in terms of deal flow and performance by our portfolio companies. Cinode signed 51 new customers during 2020, where the launch of Cinode Partner Network has led to +500 connections between companies. Ingrid grew orders handled with 75 percent during 2020, with 30 new customers signed. Quickchannel grew its user base with 135 percent with a 290 percent streaming growth during the year.

Our in-house sourcing approach has led to several investment opportunities. During 2020, we have evaluated +300 companies in team, and met +135 companies for first meetings. Interesting to note is that a number of clusters have been identified, either suitable for a standalone M&A approach, or as potential add-ons for existing portfolio companies.

During the quarter we have initiated several M&A dialogues and I am confident that 2021 will start a new chapter for our portfolio companies in terms of a buy, build and integrate approach to growth. They are all well positioned to expand their product offering, value-add and commercial footprint in a number of markets, organically as well as non-organically.

We are also pleased to announce that Karin Bjerde has joined the blq invest team as Company Builder. Karin will be working full time with our portfolio companies through our blq box approach, which we have implemented to all blq companies and working consistently with.

Entering 2021 is a bit brighter than 2020. During the pandemic, our portfolio companies have all been part of digitising their respective industries, helping their customers transition into a new way of working. Entering 2021, the vaccine rollout is bringing hope to us that we soon can go back to the new normal. The new normal with an increased focus of digital approaches is serving blq’s sweet spot well and I am eager to embrace 2021.

Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner blq invest